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What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

You do not necessarily need a degree in dermatology to understand that sleeping with your makeup is a horrible idea. It’s not good for your skin and nor is it good for your sheets, so I think that you need to rethink this. What’s the harm of crashing out without washing your face just once? Well, it causes more harm than you might think. Going to bed without washing your face is bad news and can have cumulated harmful effects. Here’s the icky stuff that happens to your skin, your lashes, and beneath the surface when you decide not to wash your face.

Sleeping with makeup on is murder for your pores. It will leave your pores clogged since the makeup is just sitting right on the surface and the majority of the ingredients are a silicone base that sits on the surface of your skin. When the pores are blocked, your skin gets bumpy, it gets acne-prone and you get your breakouts. So neglecting to remove your makeup at the end of the day can cause you severe acne problems.

Just like our hearts never stop beating, our skin does not stop producing sebum, which is our oil production. So just like our internal organs, our skin is always at work. Skin is made up of water, proteins, lipids, and different minerals and chemicals. Skin is also covered in pores, which also allow us to sweat, secrete sebum. A natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin is your sebum and removes dead skin cells and other irritants from coming up to the surface. When you apply your makeup, you block pores from releasing your sebum, which is your oil production, which may lead to visibly large pores, and over time, it will lead to acne.

Let’s talk about how it will damage our skin cells. Skin cells are also damaged by the practice of sleeping with makeup. To sum it up, makeup can trap environmental pollutants and free radicals that can damage skin cells, including collagen, which can also lead you to premature aging. So not only does crashing out with your concealer on ultimately clog your pores and lead to zits, but it can also actually speed up the aging process. So let’s now dive into your skin looking a little dull. I get that a lot when clients come into my facility and ask me, “Why does my skin always look so dull and thick?” Dewey, glowing, soft, and smooth skin is usually a desired trait. That is something that everybody usually wants when they come into the clinic. They want that baby-looking fresh skin. So the dull, sallow, or parched skin is not extremely favorable. So if you use a makeup product like a highlighter, which many of you guys do, I have a lot of clients that come in and they use quite a bit of concealer or basis to get that flawless finished with their makeup, in part to some peachy pink glow. That’s great. You’re using it, but sleeping in it can cause the opposite effect.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it performs vital functions for our body likes secreting sweat, lipids, healing wounds, and heat regulation. So we must cleanse and exfoliate regular, and especially we do not sleep in our makeup. Clogged pores and blackheads, AKA comedones, which are the whiteheads, are formed when dead skin cells, oils, and makeup get trapped in the pores and suffocate the skin. These clogged pores are the precursor to acne-like breakouts and make the skin look dull and lifeless. That’s reason enough to reach for your makeup remover.

So let’s talk about interfering with the process. Our bodies regenerate while we are at rest, the same holds to true our skin. Skin repairs itself while we sleep, so taking off your makeup at night is important because it allows your pores to release the sebum, which is the oil, and it rehydrates and protects your skin from free radical sun damage or free radicals that are in the air. If you leave your makeup on, it disrupts this critical process. As stated, when you sleep, the skin regenerates and heals itself. One night of sleeping with makeup on can and will disrupt the delicate balance of your skin and it will set you back. When you sleep your skin regenerates, I’m going to say that over and over so you get the clue. When your pores are blocked, your skin cannot breathe and thus, it cannot regenerate. The oil in your pores builds up and transforms itself into bacteria.

Now, that bacteria will lead to various skin problems. After a night with your makeup on, your skin will need about a week to restore its previous condition and balance again everything. That is a whole week to restore your balance from not washing off your face.

Can not washing make you wrinkle faster, speed up the aging process? Sleeping in makeup clogs your pores causing breakouts, dries out the skin, causing redness, causing sensitivity, and speeds up the aging process, leading to premature wrinkles.

I also want to warn you about sleeping with makeup leading to the onset of wrinkles. Not removing makeup before you go to bed means that it cakes into your face. As wonderful as makeup is, if it is not properly removed before bed, it can lead to collagen breakdown because collagen cannot be produced properly, it means your skin ages faster, and it is more apparent to be drying out. It creates more wrinkles and helps to deepen existing ones. Leaving makeup on overnight, even if you wash your face in the morning, causes flakiness, unevenness dryness. If you properly clean your face at night and moisturizer with products that include ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, it gives your skin a chance to repair and replenish itself.

Now, I’m not a huge advocate wit witch hazel and things like that. I think there are a lot of better things on the market for your skin. But if it’s somebody that it takes me literally pulling teeth just to get you to wash your face, I would be happy with you just washing your face in general, just to wash it. So as a result, every time you wrinkle your forehead or you squint in your sleep, the impression will stay there longer.

Dry skin means a loss of elasticity, making wrinkles and impurities more prominent than ever. If your skin continues to be neglected like the frequent and for long periods, it can make wrinkles look more like scars and they become deeper. So let’s dive in a little bit with uneven skin tone.

Skipping out on proper skincare can also make an uneven skin tone worsen. This is because your skin regenerates at night as you sleep, depriving it of ingredients known to combat pigmentation, meaning that any resources that you do will be completely removed what you’re trying to achieve with your skin. So sleep doesn’t only rest our bodies and our bones, there is more at play, there’s cell regeneration happening overnight. Natural skincare will help the process turn over faster. I tend to use more of the natural drive products because then you’re not getting that chemical sitting on the surface of your skin while you’re sleeping.

Let’s go in a little bit about the eyelashes. So I’ve heard this from a lot of my clients about eyelashes breaking off and another negative result of sleeping with your eye makeup on, especially with mascara and eyeliner, is that the product can rub into your lash just causing breakage. That’s why it’s important to take it off when you go to bed. I always tell my clients I carry it’s called a Jain Iredale conditioner, and I love this product, is I take off all my makeup at night and then before I go to bed I use my eyelash conditioner from Jane Iredale. And I put that over my lashes and that actually will just really help to condition and thicken your lashes. I even swear by that before I even do Latisse. So it just completely helps with all of that.

I know this is just more or less a rundown of hoping to get you guys to just really start to clean your skin before you go to bed, but regimens are critical for your skin health. I want to always stress the importance of keeping your routine and not slipping into bad habits and especially, sleeping with your makeup on. Your face should be washed twice daily to remove oil, which I’ve gone over before. Dead cell buildup, you need to remove that and you need to remove all of the oils and the cells that are sitting on the skin.

When we look at a facial skin biopsy, a lot of times, in some of the clinics, is you’d be shocked about how much makeup is actually left on somebody’s skin and the debris. And the thing is, is that people don’t really realize that, yeah, maybe in your twenties and your thirties, you’re having a hot night, you’re going out, you’re having a cup of glasses or you’re drinking a little bit and you don’t want to come home and wash your face, but really for it to counteract and cause issues a whole week prior, it’s not something that you should be really doing. Even if it’s a half-ass wash at night, do a half ass wash at night, it makes a world of a difference.

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