This kit also comes with a complimentary consultation to walk you through the facial process. Please visit Virago Consultation Booking to book your call.

Receive your favorite Virago Facial Infusion treatment in the comfort of your own home! 

How to Use

Here is a video tutorial:

  1. Cleanse 2 X with Refine Cleanser and remove with wet cloth
  2. Massage Polish onto entire face in circular potions. You may feel tingling.
  3. With wet fingertips continue to massage for 5 minutes
  4. Remove with a warm cloth or warm water
  5. Pat dry skin with a clean towel
  6. Put on gloves and dispense Facial Infusion into the palm of your hand. Spray a generous amount of Hydro Balancer and mix together
  7. Apply facial infusion evenly covering the entire face and neck
  8. Add a little more Hydro Balancer into your hand and thoroughly massage for 15 to 20 minutes
  9. Remove the excess Facial Infusion with a warm towel.
  10. Toss gloves
  11. Apply your normal home care serums and let the collagen flourish! 

Kit includes:

  • Gloves
  • Refine cleanser
  • Polish
  • Facial infusion
  • Hydro balancer
  • Sample Derm Repair
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