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Our Brand

Sin Care

Meet our Founder

V skincare was created by Jennifer Carrasco, a 21-year experienced esthetician, and a IFBB PRO fitness competitor, and founder of Virago Skin and Body Studios. Jennifer realized that on a daily basis, society shows us numerous “flawless” people through social media platforms and magazines. We are also overwhelmed with a new skincare routines, new workouts, and the best "new diet." Jennifer strives to break these norms, which is why she has spent more than the last decade perfecting physically and mentally what it truly means to be beautiful.

Why TF Did I create Skin Care?

Brace yourself, I did it. I created a mother flipping SKINcare line!  

This has been a dream of mine for so long, and it’s HERE!!!  
I created true ingredient products for YOU. 
I want YOU to freaking LOVE your SKIN!

Because Great Skin Is So important..

And to be honest...this has been the most fun, most authentic, and consequently the scariest project I have ever done. 

It has taken A LOT of work, A LOT of risks, A LOT of energy, A LOT of time, and A LOT of silencing the voices in my head that constantly tried to talk me out of it.

How are we different?

V Skincare encourages people move away from the old idea of wounding the skin to create change. With our products, we embrace the idea that even better results can be had by nurturing a partnership with the entire body that empowers healing and fosters balance. After feeling the pressure to buy a vast variety of skincare products filled with harmful ingredients, Jennifer decided to make it her pursuit to change the process of skincare and to take the time to educate consumers on real, true ingredients that work. Jennifer Carrasco's suggestions on the home skincare treatment for the people with the harmless skincare products are awesome and beneficial for the skin.

Beyond Skincare

V skincare recognizes that the best results happen when your healthy inside and out. One cannot expect the skin to remain beautiful if the rest of the body is being neglected. Beauty stems from the inside. In order to maximize the appearance of radiant skin, one must seek a balanced lifestyle that embraces proper nutrition, exercise and stress management. This is why we have partnered with 1st Phorm Supplements, a company that holds the same values and beliefs we do. Jennifer and her team of estheticians and health coaches can better guide your wellness journey. 

Made in America.

Our products are formulated and created here, in the United States. Our brand strongly supports small business models, from our chemists to our ingredients, we strive to utilize American based companies to build our products.