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Skincare Consultation

You deserve the best of the best. And so does your skin.   The skincare world is bogged down with elaborate routines that involve creams and powders and serums and it can be overwhelming and confusing.   You don’t need an elaborate routine. You need products specially formulated for your skin that will rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and revive your tired, dry, oily, or patchy skin and get it looking its best.    I have devoted my life to researching and immersing myself in the world of skincare, especially what works and what doesn’t work.    If it’s not holistic and noneffective, I’m not going to recommend that sh*t to you.   Beauty is power and, if I can help you live your best life through the health of your skin, I want to help.

So if you’re ready to look your best and find the best skincare products for your specific skin type, reach out to me today.  Virago virtual skincare consultation is for anyone interested in receiving professional recommendations from me, and the Virago Team. My team of esthetician’s have worked with and been trained by me, Jennifer Carrasco. The Virago Team offer professional and experienced recommendations for products and services that are specific to your skin type and skincare concerns.  Fill out the form below to schedule a  for only $10. Together during the appointment, we will develop a treatment plan and what makes the most sense for your skincare concerns while keeping your budget in mind. We are here to help you love your skin again!